Work With Us

Work With Us

Opportunity for PRP Consultant and PRP Bilingual Consultant to join our team. Must be able to work with a diverse population.

The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Consultants are enthusiastic and passionate professionals who enjoy working with people who have severe mental illness to maximize their self-sufficiency and level of independence. PRP Consultants have flexible schedules that can serve one to ten individuals on their caseload. Services which are provided are individualized and based upon a detailed assessment and corresponding Individual Rehabilitation Plan for each individual served. The PRP Consultant provides support with accessing and coordinating benefits as well as services and community-based resources. PRP services are provided primarily off site, within the home and in the community. The individual receives assistance with developing life skills training to include organizational skills, time management skills, nutrition, budgeting etc. This job would supplement another full time or part time job for the professional who has strong desire to serve individuals with mental illness in the community.


  • Professional willing to advocate for clients
  • Reliable transportation with valid driver’s license (Driving record with not more than 2 points) and automobile insurance.
  • Detail- oriented, organized, and can be a problem-solver
  • Undergraduates with a BA/B.S or Masters’ in a human services field preferred. Candidates with High School diploma and at least one year experience are also eligible to apply.
  • Requires 40 hours training prior to working with clients

Therapist OMHC

Responsible for overall Therapist coordination and management of all OMHC related activities.

Specific Duties/Responsibilities

  1. Assist with coordination of intakes, diagnostic evaluations, transfers, and discharge meetings.
  2. Writing contact notes per visit with member, Individual Treatment Plan (ITP), monthly summaries and discharge summaries; and completing OMS Surveys
  3. Coordinate Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) meetings as deemed necessary by Program Director
  4. Collaborate with other Treatment Team members (PRP, Nurse, Medical Director, and Program Director)
  5. Contact appropriate agencies and other parties in suspected cases of abuse and neglect and develop written reports
  6. Conduct individual, group and family therapy/counseling as needed;
  7. Maintain contact with caregivers, case managers, attorneys, etc.
  8. Facilitate therapeutic groups with clients to assist in the development of social and interpersonal skills
  9. Ensure overall health, safety and well-being of clients;
  10. Support participants and their families by informing them of available community services
  11. Refer participants, as necessary, to agencies providing community services
  12. Assist in the delivery of other required program services, including meeting the psychosocial needs of participants
  13. Other designated responsibilities.

Assessment and Evaluation

  1. Review each client’s ITP to determine goal and objectives that need to be carried out in the OMHC.
  2. Perform Diagnostic Evaluations as needed, initial
  3. Write progress notes per session, monthly progress reports, and initial and updated ITP more if needed, for each client; and
  4. Prepare reports for intake, transfer, or discharge meetings.
  5. Observe staff and client interaction.