DUI Program

DUI Program

McGuire Therapeutic Services is a State of Maryland Certified provider of DWI/DUI Education and Treatment as required by the court system, Probation Officers, Attorneys at Law and the Motor Vehicle Administration. We provide an initial assessment to determine eligibility for the program. Our DUI program includes a 12-hour brief education program for adults. Our goal is to help clients learn about the effects of alcohol or drug(s) in their life and develop new skills that will reduce DUI recidivism

We’ve designed our Online DUI Course to be quick, easy, and meet educational requirements The ultimate goal of this course is to prevent drinking and driving. As each learner will have different ways of achieving this goal. Some may feel that they need to stop or reduce their alcohol consumption to prevent drinking and driving, while others may not want to change their drinking and may instead want to improve their coping skills in high- risk situations.

While this course is designed to help learners with a variety of drinking behaviors, including those who report experiencing no alcohol-related problems and those who report experiencing more moderate problems. Those who are experiencing more severe problems, such as withdrawal symptoms, may require more intensive ancillary services (e.g., outpatient or residential treatment).

This course is self-paced and consists of 12 modules and require 12 hours to complete this course.

McGuire Therapeutic Services offers a 12-hour brief education program for adults. This program is certified by the State of Maryland as an Early Intervention Level 0.5 DWI Education. Clients will learn about the effects of alcohol or drug(s) in their life, their brain, driving patterns, family relations, and the legal system.  It includes appropriate DUI/DWI-related education program topics. It is recommended that you start the process before going to court.

We would like to assist you in the process of recovering your license.  Contact us today to get started!

Link to our course: https://mcguire-therapeutic-university.teachable.com/p/12-hour-dui-education