Don’t Kill Cupid!

Have you ever felt like if you could only find Cupid you would have a thing or two to say to him? Or perhaps put him in a head lock until he passes out? Or even more- jack him up by the collar (if he had one, he never wears a shirt) and give him a swift sock to the gut? This may all sound quite intense, but the harsh reality of being single on Valentines Day can be a bit much for single folks to deal with.

Now that we have tapped into some Valentine’s Day emotions, let’s explore a few remedies for this condition, I’ll call Valentine Single-itis.

The first step in overcoming this condition is to reject all negative anti-Valentines day thoughts and replace with the positive. What are some things you are actually grateful for? Do you believe that you will find love one day? Then, let’s identify some positive affirmations and meditate on those thoughts.

The following affirmations will increase your love self-esteem, and open you up to future love:

I deserve love
I am free to love
I am attracting meaningful relationships into my life
I release the past and embrace new love. I will allow love to heal every area of my life
I feel good about myself, and I am ready to share with others
I am filled with peace love and happiness
I am grateful for my life experiences that have brought me to the point where I am.
I will make today a good day

After you have spoken and meditated on your affirmations, get ready to show yourself some love by treating yourself to something special – a manicure pedicure, hairstyle, bubble bath etc.

Spend some quality time with your other single friends and do something fun while watching a movie, grabbing dinner together or sponsoring your own Valentines day party get together shindig

Finally, if you truly desire a relationship, begin to be purposeful by identifying your preferences, examine your standards, and step out of your comfort zone with confidence and hope.

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